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3 Benefits of integrating your telephony into your Dynamics 365 CRM

As new contact centre technologies emerge daily and the tech stack continues to grow, the need is great for productivity-enhancing solutions that are integrated into the workflow.

Connecting phone systems with CRM systems using computer telephony integration (CTI) technology can add a layer of features and functionality that drive fast and efficient customer service. Let’s explore three key benefits of having telephony integrated directly into your Dynamics 365 CRM system.

1. Flexible Telephony

In today’s evolving telephony environment, cloud-based contact centres offer many benefits over on-premises systems, most notably enhanced flexibility of the system.

Dynamics PHONE SYSTEM is designed for Microsoft Dynamics 365 guaranteeing a comprehensive set of integration features as well as the standard functionality expected from a cloud-based telephony platform. Having your CTI embedded in the CRM solution can support the transition to the cloud. And it can reduce the workload on contact centre administrators managing the move.

2. Increased Agent Productivity

By implementing Dynamics PHONE SYSTEM functionality into with Microsoft Dynamics 365, your agents can place, answer and transfer calls — without leaving the CRM solution. Features like one-click case creation, configurable speed dials and automated call-log templates reduce average call handle and case resolution times. Screen pops automatically deliver caller information instantly for a warm start to customer conversations. And calls are resolved more efficiently and effectively. Agents can also transfer the CRM screen, along with the call, to another agent who might be better equipped to handle the customer inquiry.

Dynamics PHONE SYSTEM also centralizes contact centre reporting with pre-built, customizable reports in Dynamics 365. Supervisors can monitor, measure and coach agents with reports like average call handle time, call results, and inbound versus outbound call statistics. These are all available in Dynamics 365 dashboards, along with other critical call centre data.

3. Simplified Administration

Computer telephony integration (CTI) technology from Dynamics Telephony is accessible to contact centre administrators from within the Dynamics 365 CRM system. Admin tasks, such as pre-configuring campaign lists, adjusting defining wrap time and customizing the call outcomes are all done within Microsoft Dynamics 365. This means one interface controlling your telephony and CRM with a history of all activity.

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