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Give your business a virtual phone system that increases productivity, sales and call transparency

If you are looking at replacing your telephone system, please take some time to review Dynamics PHONE STSTEM, which is specifically designed for Dynamics 365 users, from as little as £30 per user.

Dynamics PHONE SYSTEM was built with flexibility, scalability, and team collaboration in mind. Because every business (regardless of its size or the industry it’s in) has different needs, our telephone system is fully customizable and seamlessly integrated to Dynamics 365.

Our platform can be scaled for operations of any size and any purpose, whether your company specializes in inbound customer service, outbound sales, or both. Our professional consultants or technical staff can assist you in creating the most efficient, effective software solution to fit your needs.

Dynamics PHONE SYSTEM helps businesses manage inbound phone calls from their customers. It can have a multitude of features such as centralized phone calls from landlines or websites, intelligent routing, auto dialer, or even call recording. It provides access to important information in Dynamics 365 about your customers such as call history, contact information, call recording links etc.

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